No reason provided for your termination?

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June 29, 2015 by Law Office of Cyrus Mor

Generally speaking, the answer is no! A common misconception among employees is that your employer must provide you a reason for being discharged or terminated.  In California, if you don’t have an employment contract which specifies a duration of employment, you will be considered an at-will employee.  What does this mean? Well it simply means that your employer can discharge you at any time and for almost any reason, without telling you what the reason actually is.  However, you employer CANNOT discharge you for a reason that is protected by state and/or federal laws.  There are a number of reasons and scenarios that employees cannot be discharged for.  If an employer violates any of these protected areas, then your discharge might be considered a wrongful or unlawful termination.  Thus, you may be entitled to receive compensation and recourse for the termination.

To find out more about the areas where employees are protected and cannot be the basis for your termination, contact the Law Office of Cyrus Mor for a free case evaluation.



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