EDD Notice of Overpayment


June 3, 2013 by Law Office of Cyrus Mor

If you have received a EDD Notice of Overpayment, this means that the EDD is requiring you to pay back the Unemployment benefits which you have received.  What you may not realize is that you are being charged 30% of the total amount in penalties.  This is because it is essentially assumed that you made willful and wrongful statements to the EDD in order to receive benefits.

If you were honest and truthful with the EDD and did not intend to deceive the department in any way, then you should definitely file an appeal immediately.  At your hearing, you will need to convey specific facts to the Administrative Law Judge which demonstrate your position.  At your hearing, your attorney will be permitted to introduce documents into evidence to help strengthen your case and to show that you should not be charged the penalites.

The Law Office of Cyrus Mor has eliminated penalties in numerous Unemployment cases- this has saved our clients thousands of dollars.  Contact Cyrus Mor, Esq. to receive advice and guidance for your case.



One thought on “EDD Notice of Overpayment

  1. Your client says:

    You are a very good and HELPFUL lawyer. My husband n I contacted you recently and you were so helpful and offered guidance. You spent a lot of time with us and did not charge us anything. I appreciate your time and guidance. I just want to let you know that aren’t many attorneys like you out there. You made us feel that you cared about my situation and wanted to fix it for us. You assurances really helped.

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